Event Schedule for 2020

Event Schedule for 2020

Be sure to check this schedule often, we add events throughout the year

Note: Due to the COVID 19 pandemic this event schedule will most certainly change. Until we return to a more normal social routine, please Check our schedule prior to visiting the museum.

Certified Peer Counseling Training Seminars



Dear Friends,

This year has certainly been one of those times that we could have never predicted. I know that many of you have read your recent newsletters that arrived in the mail. In those newsletters were details about many of our upcoming events.

Once we were able to enter Phase Three in Lewis County Washington, we were excited to once again be open and return to some form of normalcy. Naturally in the month that we have been open, tourism has not been what we expected, but we have seen some generous donations to the Museum which helps to keep us afloat. On Friday June 17th, the members of the Board of Directors made the decision to cancel all of our Veterans related events. This decision was not determined lightly as this is our main focus – honoring and healing veterans.

We arrived at this conclusion understanding that many of our veterans who attend these events are the exact population that is the most susceptible to COVID 19 infection and we do not want to risk them to any exposure. Secondly, we also understand that many people are actually responsible and would elect to not attend these events for their own health. This year’s speakers are top notch and we have gone to great lengths to secure them. I was personally looking forward to hearing all of their stories. However it would be rather disappointing for the majority to miss their presentations and to have only a handful of people in attendance.

For these reasons we have decided to postpone the remainder of our Veterans events until further notice. We fully expect by the end of the year to have a better grasp on the results of herd immunity and potentially a vaccine.

I hope that you can understand and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly at the Museum, Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm at 360-740-8875


Charles “Chip” Duncan Director Veterans Memorial Museum 360-740-8875