The "Hot Mess Haul" is ready for service

Pictured above: Fred Moon drives the “Hot Mess Haul” into position for our inaugural cook out. We’ve got a hot ride for our hot food!!

Over the winter, in our unheated motor pool, Fred Moon, Dennis Miller, Ron Edwards, Bob Franklin, Fred Muniz, John Andrews and Chip Duncan created our own mobile “Chow Haul”. We had a 1952 Army Jeep that was beyond repair and had parts robbed off it for years. The guys stripped the body off the chassis, chopped it, then extended the frame and replaced the front and rear axels. Then, installed a 300 cubic inch Buick engine, adding straight pipes, automatic transmission and twin carbs. Lee Coumbs generously donated one of his commercial propane grills and shared instructions of how to set it up. Next the guys installed the grill on rails allowing us to slide it out for easy access to grilling. Finally new brakes, shortened drive line, all new wiring and paint completed the task. The engine fired off in a matter of seconds, with a great rumble of the big V-8 engine and our mobile mess hall was ready.

Pictured: Bob Franklin, Fred Moon, Ron Edwards, Dennis Miller, John Andrews and Chef Geoff Moore