P-51 Mustang has arrived

P-51 Mustang has arrived

The P-51 arrived January 14th as scheduled.

Seventeen volunteers began the removal of 32 display cases on January 9th. What was estimated to take three days was actually completed in one day and the gallery was ready for the P-51.

The plane arrived as scheduled and Marty Batura & Mike Wingrove of Worldwide Aircraft Recovery, LTD immediately started moving parts into the gallery preparing for assembly. Marty & Mike, along with our tremedous volunteers, spent several days insuring that the aircraft, when suspended, would be safe for years to come. In total, assembly and installation of the aircraft took six and one-half days.

The heavy steel beams in the ceiling of our gallery were designed specifically to support suspending an aircraft.

After assembly, the plane was raised into position and measurements for the steel support cables taken. The cables were cut to size and eyes pressed into their ends. We are grateful to Harbor Saw & Supply for this service.

Beginning on Monday, Jan. 21st, nearly twenty volunteers again assembled and began the process of reinstalling the thirty-two display cases and readying the museum gallery for visitors. We anticipated five to six days for this process, but again it was accomplished in half the time.

Thanks to our incredible volunteer crew, the museum display gallery is back in service and we are ready for the new year with this remarkable WWII fighter aircraft as a permanent fixture.