2018 Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day - August 4, 2018

2018 Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day - August 4, 2018

This year’s Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Program featured special guest speaker author Stephanie Hanson Caisse. Stephanie shared her story of the search for her the father she never knew.

A Corpsman’s Legacy

Adopted at birth, Stephanie Hanson Caisse began a search for her biological parents and learned her father, Gary Norman Young, was killed in the Vietnam War before she was born. To unravel the mystery of his death, she discovered first-hand from other veterans of her father’s world of courage and bravery as a helicopter crew-member in 1969. She learned of the remarkable relationship that exists between Marines and their Navy Corpsmen, and realized she has now inherited the honor and respect given to her father.

After years of perseverance, Stephanie finally obtained the medals and honors her father had earned for his service and sacrifice, through the help of veterans, the Marine Corps Commandant and a United States Senator. During her journey, she located the family members of the men who died with her father and helped other veterans and children connect with each other. Embraced by thousands of veterans, she discovered the greatest gift her father left her is the legacy of healing.

This special event provided not only a time to honor our Vietnam era veterans, but additionally an opportunity to recognize the families of Vietnam vets and a time of healing for those who lost a loved one during and after Vietnam.

Hear Stephanie and watch the entire Remembrance Day program in the video link below.