Upcoming Museum Events for 2018

Upcoming Museum Events for 2018

July 21st-22nd: Civil War Battles

July 28th: Volvo Car Show - A Gathering of Volvo Enthusiasts

August 4th: Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day

September 2nd: Rust or shine Car Show

September 22nd: Korean War & POW/MIA Remembrance Day

November 11th: Veterans Day Parade

December 9th: WWII / Pearl Harbor Survivors Dinner


Coming July 21st & 22nd

  • Mark your calendars now for this years Sesquicentennial Celebration of the American Civil War as hundreds of living historians take to the field.

    July 21st 9am - 5pm

    July 22nd 9am - 3pm

    Huge Battles

    Living historian demonstrations throughout the day in the military and civilian camps.

    Historical presentations

    Food vendors available

Volvo Car Show

Coming July 28th

In conjunction with Chehalis Fest, the museum will be hosting a gathering of Volvo enthusiasts. Come by and see Director Chip’s hopped up Volvo station wagon with the huge blower sticking up from the hood. Wanna race?

Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Coming August 4th

Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day

Coming August 4th

This years very special guest speaker is Stephanie Hanson Caisse, author of two books telling of the search for her father, killed in Vietnam prior to her birth, and the healing she received through that process.

  • “A Corpsman’s Legacy”

    Adopted at birth, Stephanie Hanson Caisse began a search for her biological parents and learned her father, Gary Norman Young, was killed in the Vietnam War before she was born. To unravel the mystery of his death, she discovered first-hand from other veterans of her father’s world of courage and bravery as a helicopter crewmember in 1969. She learned of the remarkable relationship that exists between Marines and their Navy Corpsmen, and realized she has now inherited the honor and respect given to her father.

    After years of perseverance, Stephanie finally obtained the medals and honors her father had earned for his service and sacrifice, through the help of veterans, the Marine Corps Commandant and a United States Senator. During her journey, she located the family members of the men who died with her father and helped other veterans and children connect with each other. Embraced by thousands of veterans, she discovered the greatest gift her father left her: the legacy of healing.

  • “A Corpsman’s Legacy Continues”

    Stephanie continues her journey, picking right up where “A Corpsman’s Legacy” left off in this fascinating sequel. Having learned that her birth father, Gary Norman Young, was killed in the Vietnam War before she was born, she unraveled the mystery of her father’s courage, bravery and finally his death as a Navy Corpsman assigned to the world-famous Marine Corps Purple Fox helicopter squadron. Now, as she uncovers even more information about her father and his crew-members, Stephanie continues to help Vietnam veterans open up and realize that through all the heartache, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stephanie’s journey also follows the Foxes as a new generation of Marines goes to war, and encounters a stunning twist of fate that ties the Vietnam and Iraq wars together like never before. “A Corpsman’s Legacy Continues” chronicles the tremendous kindness and courage of our nation’s veterans as they talk openly about a time that shaped their lives forever. And woven throughout the many stories is the power of one man’s legacy to heal the wounds of war.