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Final Battles of the Civil War

Join us July 25th and 26th as we celebrate the end of the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War. Gates open on Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 am. Come and step back in time to 1865. Watch the final battles of the War. Experience what life was like for our soldiers and civilians in 1865. Each day you will also have the opportunity to witness the reenactment of the Surrender at Appomattox. Watch as General Lee and General Grant began the steps to end America's bloodiest war. Admission is $10 for adults, $7 for Students, Veterans and Seniors. All Active Duty and kids under 6 are free. Don't miss this event!


18th Annual Vietnam War Era Veterans Remembrance Day

            Coming up on August 1st at 2 pm will be our 18th annual Vietnam War Era Veterans Remembrance Day. We want to invite all veterans who served in Vietnam and those that served Stateside and other locations during this monumental time in American history.
Our guest speaker this year is U.S. Air Force Veteran Lt Col Larry Mason. Larry flew the B-57 Cambera in Vietnam  

Martin B-57A USAF 52-1418.jpg
B-57 Cambera
Larry is also the second recipient of the nations second highest award; the Air Force Cross. Below is a sample of his citation:

“On 15 March 1966, while attacking a heavily defended target, Captain Mason's aircraft was hit repeatedly by 57-mm. and 37-mm. shells which set fire to the right engine and created extreme vibration in the left engine. One shell exploded in the rear cockpit, wounding the navigator and severing a section of wiring which deprived the crew of most electrical power. Wind, blasting through a large hole in the fuselage, scattered dirt and debris around the cockpit temporarily blinding Captain Mason. As he regained his sight, he realized that a safe bailout could not be affected because of the wounded navigator's condition. With one engine shut down and the other on fire, and with approximately 30 square feet of surface missing from the right wing, Captain Mason, with complete disregard for his own personal safety, attempted the return flight to his home base. Flight conditions were further hampered by inoperative radios, no hydraulic pressure or oxygen, severe airframe vibration, and no indication of gear position or fuel level.”

Lt Col Larry B Mason

The 133rd National Guard Army Band will be on hand to provide special music for the event.
In addition to our guest speaker and music we also will have a time to honor all the Vietnam Veterans who attend. This is one of the most important parts of the program where we honor each veteran for their service
Coffee and cake will be provided by the Museum in the Events Center and admission to the Museum gallery will be reduced to $4.00 for the day.
We hope to all see you there. If you have any questions please call the Veterans Memorial Museum at 360-740-8875.

"The Miracle Museum"
By Lee T. Grimes

as told to Julie McDonald Zander


This incredible story tells how God inspired what led to the creation of the Veterans Memorial Museum. After a Fourth of July Patriotic Program at the Centralia First Church of God, the founder of the museum was visited by the Holy Spirit and given the message
“No, don’t let them forget; go out and get their stories.”
From that spiritual encounter that night, the Veterans Memorial Museum was born. It has flourished under God’s guidance, providing a place of healing for the hearts of hurting veterans, a place where people care. This book relates the many miracles that have unfolded as the museum grew from an idea to the worldwide recognized memorial it is today. – Lee Grimes
(as taken from the rear cover of the book)

The book has finally arrived! Get your copy today! Learn the detailed stories that made this miracle happen. Over one hundred photos!
Limited Edition Color Hardback is $35.00 each
Soft Cover is $15.00 each

Shipping is $5.60 for one book. Call for postal rates for more than two books.

To order your copy – please stop by the Veterans Memorial Museum or send check, money order or cash to

Veterans Memorial Museum
100 SW Veterans Way
Chehalis WA 98532

Payments by Credit Card over the phone are possible as well

Call today for more details!

Mission of the Museum

Our mission is to honor, and perpetuate the memory of the service men and women who have served in our nation's armed forces down through the history of our country during peacetime or war.

The mission of the museum began over a decade ago with the goal of making sure that our veterans "Shall Not Be Forgotten".

The museum began with humble beginnings in 1997 at a storefront and in 2005 we opened our new facility visible from Interstate 5 just off of exit 77.

The museum features a 9,000 square feet main gallery with 85 display cases and hundreds of displays honoring our veterans. The museum features a military history reference library with thousands of volumes. There is also a gift shop and a "USO" where you can come and enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversations with our local veterans. For special occasions the museum also has a modern 3,000 square foot Events Center.

Information on operating hours, admission fees and other features of the museum.

- Upcoming Events For 2015 -

Memorial Day at Claquato Cemetery May 25th

Desert War Era Veterans Day June 27th

4th of July Parade in Centralia WA

Civil War Battle July 25th - 26th

Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day August 1


They Shall Not Be Forgotten...